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Dec 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
know may have, eh, played a little bit with the tax laws in this country to get a little bit better return. or maybe not have to pay so much. are they takers? you'll say it's legal. well, it's legal to get food stamps. how about those oil companies that take your tax subsidies? would they be takers? oh, no. how about those folks in detroit that are getting all these tax breaks because they're, quote, bringing business while employees who spent 30 years working for the city are getting shafted with their pension. there's no takers in that deal at all, is there? what about walmart? they have never had a tax abatement on any land going into any city, putting up one of those superstars, have they? no, there's no takers there at all. they only made $19 billion. i can't think of another corporation out there that might need another tax break. but you know what we're talking about over on the right, we're convincing americans that it's those damn food stamps. they're the problem. they're the takers, those fat, poor people. how come they can't find work? it's their fault. they're lazy. and
Dec 3, 2013 2:00pm PST
are concerned about their pensions being cut. state law doesn't matter anymore. state constitution, hell, that's out the window. that doesn't matter anymore. governor schneider basically is getting absolutely everything he wants. city assets will be privatized and city workers will be taking a huge cut on their pensions. now, this is the systematic destruction of an american city with a great tradition in this country. it's a government coup without the violence. and it is completely unjustified and unnecessary. in the coming days, you're going to hear a lot from folks in the media saying stuff like this. >> this is a one-party state, to be totally clear, right? there is no political diversity of any kind in detroit. >> certainly in the city of detroit. they haven't had a republican mayor in 250 50 years. >> detroit is not an example of the failure of gop economic policies. it's been run by the democrats for 60 years. >> a level of corruption and democrat rule, throw money at the problem oh, we're going to just do whatever the unions say. that's what led to the downfall of detroit. >> entitle
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
and for everybody who supports this law, for the republicans, it was just something to kind of, you know -- something to complain about. they don't want the whole thing to work. they have been trying to get it to fail from the beginning and up until today. and all these different ways, trying to sabotage this law. and look, they're against it, you know. i'm sure it might be the same on the other foot. but they won't stop. >> what surprises me about this, josh, is that the republicans knew that the white house had the wherewithal, the resources, that they could get to go make this work. why do they continue to double down on saying it wasn't going to work? i mean, eventually it's all going to come together. now that they've met this deadline, where does this leave him with tweets like what senator cornyn did? >> you know, i think they're probably right. you know, they say you never get a second chance for, you know, a first introduction or whatever the phrase is. so i think, you know, this isn't -- they're not out of the woods yet for the white house. but look, this has always been a matt
Dec 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
the law. they wouldn't allow him to get out of jail and go home to his son. the sacrifices he made not to have any ranker and deliberate that nation with no rank and revenge, he was truly one of the world's remarkable people in history. >> he went back to south africa after leaving. he was that committed. he could have been selfish and gone somewhere else in the world. how will you remember this man? what was he like to meet and to be around? >> to be in his presence, the time that i was there, you knew you were in the presence of greatness. hoe had a gravity. hoe had a humility that you did not find in any other person. i have been around a lot of presidents and heads of state. there was something that was a balance of humility and gravity and greatness that you sense. you don't care what you thought you were going to say going into a meeting. it evaporated in his presence. it wasn't his overwhelming and the guy who tried to overwhelm or rule. it was his mere presence that changed the elements of a rule. >> what are effect did he have on you, reverend sharp? >> very much so. if i
Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
. and i think we're beginning to raise that energy enough -- up enough, to pass laws in states and to make moves in cities. unfortunately, as you have illustrated already, we've got a lot of resistance in that republican house of representatives. >> you know, john, the fast food industry is very profitable. it's into the billions. they could afford to pay these people. how do we know? because they're ominously silent about it. bottom line here is, these protests, i think, are going to have to continue. and these are brave workers. these are people without protections who are going out in front of their place of employment, saying i want a raise. and who knows how the owners are going to react to it. they could be taking names and over time they could be moved right out of those positions. i mean, these are brave americans that are stepping up, saying i'm willing to put my job on the line and speak up. now, these big corporations say they can't afford to pay their worke workers more. what's your reaction to that? what are the numbers in this industry? >> it's simply not the case they cannot
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
with the federal law a year from now in terms of keeping grandfathered plans. the other point i'll make, he has not shopped the exchange yet, or hadn't when i talked to him, about a week ago. he hasn't gone and looked yet. he said he had heard there was some plans on the exchange, but he didn't really know what was there. he has an enormous deductible right now. he has a $10,000 deductible. and so what i found on the exchange, shopping for him, it looked like he can do about what he's doing now and probably better. >> what did you find? >> i found one that actually would cap his deductible at $2,000. that would be a $600 and change annual premium. but realize, his daughter -- i mean, with her condition right now, they're -- he said to me, look, we're meeting our deductible as an automatic thing right now. and we probably will for the next several years. clearly, he has options. and this is just -- it's just -- you know glenn beck had it on his website, fox has it -- some site called "the daily mail." i don't know what is. something from the u.k. it's just more nonsense. >> they're twisting the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6